Do Your Part to Protect the Environment with EartCo

Do Your Part to Protect the Environment with EartCoWhether you believe in climate change or not we can all use a nicer, cleaner, better place to live. One way to do just that is by recycling and sourcing products from suppliers who also do their part to save the environment. One company that is doing just that is EartCo. It started with just a few people wanting to make a difference and now and grown into something that is amazing. EartCo create specialized products that are sourced from recycled products including bracelets, jewelry, and watches. All of their products are designed in full or part to help the environment. Whether it’s portions of the proceeds from the sale going to plant another tree or to pull garbage out of the ocean, EartCo is making a difference. Read more about their cause and view their products today at


Should You Buy FlexSocial for Your Social Media Management?

Flexsocial-ReviewWhen it comes to social media it can take a lot of time out of your day. Planning on posting a simple status update on your account can start innocent enough with you browsing your timeline and looking for ideas. Then finally coming up with something and then posting it is when you realize that it took you a long time to post this simple status. That’s where a new software program called FlexSocial can help. I’ll review FlexSocial in this article to give you some ideas of just how powerful this software is and what it can do for you. (more…)

Make Money While And Publish Your Own Coloring Book Easily

Colorize Create Your Own Coloring Book and Sell ItCreating a business today is much easier than it was just a few years ago. There is so much that can be done online that it’s literally difficult to keep up with all the opportunities. Of course, not all of these opportunities will give you riches or even enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But there are some things you can do to start making money and doing something you love. Creating coloring pages is one of those opportunities that certainly deserves a second look. I discuss what you can do to create your own coloring pages from photos and then how to sell those coloring pages for a profit. (more…)

How to Post YouTube Videos on Your Friend’s Facebook Wall

OHow to Post YouTube Videos on Your Friend's Facebook Wallne of the newest things on Facebook is posting videos on friends’ walls. From YouTube, you can quickly post a video to your own wall, but it takes a couple of more steps to post it to your friend’s wall. This guide will show you how to find the video you want to post, and how to post the video on your friend’s wall. Or if you’re really interested in making the most of social media be sure to check out the FlexSocial program to help with this.

First, you will need to open two tabs in your browser. In the first tab, you will need to load the YouTube site. In the second tab, you will need to load your Facebook account. Once your Facebook account loads, go to the friend’s wall that you want to post the video on. Leave that page there and go back to your other tab. (more…)

SKU Feeds Review – List Your Products in Minutes!

SKUFeeds ReviewIf you’re attempting to sell a product online you’ll quickly learn that there are literally thousands of places that allow you to list your product for sale. And while some of these places are easy to use and sign up for, there are some that you may need to jump through hoops just to get your product listed. There is a solution that can help you list your online products at many places online and the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to set up. SKU Feeds is a great place to get your products listed and gain massive exposure quickly for your online business. Visit them today at

Managing Hospitals and EHR with Powerful Software

Managing Hospitals and EHR with Powerful SoftwareDay to day operations of a hospital is just like any other business except when mistakes and accidents happen it can cost someone their lives. Having powerful software to manage all the aspects of a hospital is a must and if having a system that works flawlessly across many different functions such as billing, scheduling, security, laboratory, etc.. is a must. One of the best software systems to use for this is called eHospital Systems. It’s a powerful software platform that can manage all these items as well as EHR and keep things running smoothly. If you’re interested in this software be sure to check out how it can manage some EHR  today.

How Easy is it to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?

How Easy is it to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?There are so many insects in this world that it makes going outside scary and downright dangerous. Especially with new viruses and other problems we’re hearing about on the news being able to keep those insects outside while still enjoying fresh air in your home means you’ll need to have a screen installed. However, there is a new product today called a magnetic screen door that is easy to install and can keep insects out of your home. I’ll go over how easy one of these magnetic screen doors is to install in this article. (more…)

Attract More Attention and Customers with Giant Advertising Balloons

Attract More Attention and Customers with Giant Advertising BalloonsHow many people pass your business each and every day? You may be surprised at the number of people that don’t stop and inquire into your business simply because they never look that way or nothing seems to grab their attention. In today’s busy life there is advertising and things that are vying for our attention at all times and if your business isn’t doing this then those people are going to continue to ride on by. A great way to get their attention is by utilizing giant advertising balloon. You can buy or rent giant advertising cold air inflatable balloons to attract attention to your business and get those folks to stop and shop at your business.

Get the Answers You Need with a Death Insurance Investigation

During the time of a loss of a family member or other loved one it can be difficult to get the answers you want. What’s even worse is that some insurance companies make you jump through hoops just to get things in order and a claim made. Since they basically will have to pay on the policy this usually isn’t easy and many times you’ll have to have all sorts of documents and official reports which are difficult to acquire and sometimes elusive from the public. That’s why it’s best to have a professional do this for you such as with Haiti – Death Insurance Investigation or with a Haiti – Insurance Claims Investigation which has the connections and skills needed to get exactly what you need. Don’t take no for an answer and get all the details you can with this help.


Best Patio Cushion Storage Containers

Best Patio cushion storage containersKeeping a patio area clear is one of the more difficult things to do especially if you have kids and a pool nearby. There always seems to be pool noodles, floats, and other toys strewn about. And once a storm rolls in most of those items are scattered throughout the neighborhood and making a trek around the neighborhood is needed. In which case, isn’t fun at all. Recently, the problem got so out of hand I decided to look online to find a solution and must say that the outdoor wooden storage benches for cushions worked great! It provided a place where the kids could put all their pool toys and equipment and I don’t need to worry about going on a scavenger hunt each time we have a storm now. (more…)