3 of the Best Tub Soaking Remedies for a Sunburn

A sunburn is one of the most painful things you can have. Even when you use sun block, there is still a chance you can become sunburned. There are many things you can do to take that pain away. I hope you find some of these remedies in this article useful. All of them may not work for you, but hopefully one will. These are remedies for the tub. If you are looking for other remedies to relieve sunburn that do not use the tub, please see my other articles on sunburn remedies.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags will help relieve the pain from a sunburn. You will need to boil some tea in a pot or brew it in a coffee maker. Pour the tea in the tub and run cold water in it. Allow the water to be cool before you get in it. It doesn’t need to be freezing cold, but cool. Do not get in it while it is hot. When you get in the tub, lay there and soak for about 30 minutes.



Another remedy for the bath tub is to fill it up with luke warm water and pour vinegar in it. Use a cup of vinegar for a full tub of water. Then lay in the tub for about 30 minutes. The vinegar will draw the heat out and take the sting away.


Fill the tub with luke warm water and pour a cup of milk in the tub. You can use any kind of milk you have. You can use buttermilk, pet milk, or any other milk you have in your home. Once you have the milk in the tub, lay in it for about 20 or 30 minutes. The milk will also take the sting out.

You should never get in a hot bath when you are sunburned. This will only make it worse. When you get out of the tub from using one of these remedies, do not towel dry. Instead, you should air dry. Rubbing a rough towel against your skin will only make it worse.

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