6 Baby Shower Presents You Can’t Go Wrong With

If you are invited to a baby shower, you may be looking for ideas on what you can buy the expectant mother. Allow me to provide you with a little help. In this article, I will provide you with six baby shower presents you can’t go wrong with.

Baby Clothes

You can never go wrong with buying baby clothes for the expectant mom. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, go with unisex clothes. You could buy items such as bibs, onesies, and sleepers. A mom can always use clothes for her little one.

Baby Shower Presents Bouncy Seat

Another baby shower gift you can’t go wrong with is a bouncy seat. The bouncy seats are great for moms to lay their babies in while they are trying to get things done around the house. The seats bounce which gives the baby the effect of mommy bouncing them.

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are very popular at baby showers now. These cakes can be made of everything from diapers to bibs. If you know someone who makes these diaper cakes, you can make a statement by buying one for the expecting mom.


Another gift you can’t go wrong with is bottles. A mom can always use bottles for her little one. Before you buy bottles for the baby shower, you will need to ask mom what type of bottles she plans on using. There are many types of bottles these days and different moms will have different preferences.


A bassinet is also a great gift to get mom. This gift can be placed in the livingroom, by the bed, or anywhere mom needs it to lay the baby in to sleep. These are definitely nice to have.

Baby Swing

Last but not least is the baby swing. There is just something soothing about a swing for babies. There are many different styles for you to choose from. If mom doesn’t have a swing yet, consider picking her up one.

You can’t go wrong with the above gifts. If someone happens to buy the same exact thing as you, mom can always return it to get something else she needs.

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