Best Smart Watches for the Price!

Best Smart Watches for the Price!There’s no shortage of competition in the smartwatch and fitness band market these days, but most options will set you back at least $150 or more. Depending on what you are using the device for, this might seem like a lot to spend. If your primary concern is simple health and fitness and you are on a budget, the Xiaomi, Oxais, LEMFO & Amazfit watches offers many of the features of its competitors at a $60 or more savings

The value has to be the most compelling aspect of the Xiaomi Watch, but the fitness tracker’s low price point isn’t the whole story. Xiaomi, Oxais, LEMFO & Amazfit has managed to cram 90% of the functionality of many high-end smartwatches and fitness bands into this tiny device. It’s shocking that a fitness band in this price range offered heart rate monitoring. The results were reliable in my test runs, within 5 beats per minute (BPM) of a Fitbit, Jabra Sports Elite and Apple watches. The Xiaomi even lets you set a BPM alert that will vibrate your watch if you go above a set threshold.

Best Smart Watches for the price!


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