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Graffiti Artist: From Street Art to Gallery Paintings

Graffiti Artist From Street Art to Gallery PaintingsThere has been a huge shift over the past decade when it comes to graffiti. What once was thought of as vandalism has now taken shape as a true art form. Many businesses are now employing graffiti artists to paint specific murals or other items on their businesses. And people take notice as well. Think about how much graffiti you notice when driving and you’ll quickly see why this type of attention-getting art is making it’s way into mainstream and even into gallery paintings. Take a look at one graffiti artist that’s bringing a world of color into a dark world in San Diego and you’ll find the graffiti artist Vincent Strive. Learn more about his services and check out some of his art at (more…)

International Best Seller, New Children’s Book called Positively Georgia, by Author Elizabeth Ferris

Author Elizabeth FerrisFinding the perfect book for your children can be a daunting task these days. While there are many great books by authors that you may have never heard of, sometimes finding these gems can become a massive workload. That’s why it’s best to always first focus on best selling authors so you know the content is great. After all, you don’t become a best selling author if your book doesn’t pique your child’s interest. One book we recently found that was written by a best selling author is Positively Georgia. Here is a brief overview of the book by best selling author Elizabeth Ferris: (more…)

Looking Good and Feeling Great with Services from Pro Beauty

Looking Good and Feeling Great with Services from Pro BeautyWe’ve all had those days where we seem a bit down and can’t seem to do anything with our appearance. There is something you can do about those times when you’re feeling ‘not so pretty’. It’s time to use the professional beauty services from Pro Beauty. They offer many different services to help you look your best and that can also mean feeling your best as well.  (more…)

Don’t Miss the Next Global 12 Festival

GLOBAL12Music can break boundaries and soften even the toughest cultural lines. In the times we face today it’s great to know there are people who are working to bring people together to not only bring some great music and times but also break some of the cultural boundaries that we all face. One event that recently took center stage is the Global 12 Festival which happened on September 2nd, 2017. The event was a huge success with some great times and great music. Not only that, but it added a degree of togetherness that many of us hasn’t experienced for quite some time. Want to get in on the next Global 12 festival? Be sure to check out the ‘Global 12 Festival’, by Shodement website for more information today.

Use a Better Selection for Tattoo Ideas for Women

tattoo ideas for womenGetting a tattoo on your body is a big step and can really be a piece of art that you always carry with you. Taking the first steps into a tattoo shop and looking at some of the designs can really be amazing. But in order to really make the most of your tattoo it’s always best to look at some tattoos online to determine just what you want. After all, why should you limit your selection to what that specific tattoo shop offers. Browsing some of the larger tattoo sites for designs and ideas can help you choose the perfect tattoo that matches your personality, not just a cookie cutter tattoo that many shops offer. Check out some of the tattoo ideas for women online today and browse their huge gallery of tattoos and get the perfect tattoo for you.

Make Money While And Publish Your Own Coloring Book Easily

Colorize Create Your Own Coloring Book and Sell ItCreating a business today is much easier than it was just a few years ago. There is so much that can be done online that it’s literally difficult to keep up with all the opportunities. Of course, not all of these opportunities will give you riches or even enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But there are some things you can do to start making money and doing something you love. Creating coloring pages is one of those opportunities that certainly deserves a second look. I discuss what you can do to create your own coloring pages from photos and then how to sell those coloring pages for a profit. (more…)

Painless Tattoo Removal Without Using Lasers

Painless Tattoo Removal Without Using LasersTattoos can be an amazing way to decorate your body and signify moments in your life. Unfortunately, sometimes those moments don’t depict the right message and having a tattoo that you regret can make what should be a form of art into a daily reminder of something that you regret. There are lots of methods for tattoo removal and some of them are more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place. Getting painless tattoo removal without using lasers has been brought up before but usually take lots of time. However, a new method that doesn’t involve lasers or painful sessions that lasts for what may seem like years has recently been shared. I’ll go over a more detailed look at this method in this article. (more…)

What Does Big Lion Tattoos Say About You?

What Does Big Lion Tattoos Say About YouGetting a tattoo of anything on your body is one of the ways that people show who they are, where they’ve been, and who they want to be. Each and every tattoo that a person has on their bodies means something to them. Whether it reminds of them of a time in the past or where they want to be in the future, it always means something. For people getting some of these amazing big lion tattoos the mindset can be quite confusing for those of us looking at those tattoos. As I mentioned getting a tattoo can have a meaning in the person’s life but when you have a lion tattoo the meaning for others can be a bit confusing. I’ll go into a little more details in this article. (more…)

Create Some Amazing Photos With Wedding Sparklers

Create Some Amazing Photos With Wedding SparklersIf you have a wedding that will soon be here make sure you check out some of the wedding sparklers from Wedding Day Sparklers. Photos with wedding sparklers can be amazing and it really captures the moment especially when there are many of them. Time such as when the couple is exiting and the sendoff is happening is the perfect time to use wedding sparklers especially if it’s be bit dark. The best place to get wedding sparklers is Wedding Day Sparklers which has a huge variety of sparklers and other products such as sky lanterns, LED balloons and much more. They even offer free shipping on some orders. Check them out today and get your wedding sparklers.

Great Cosplay Attire: Kill la Kill Outfits and More

Kill la Kill Outfits and MoreThere are lots of Cosplay characters that you can transform yourself to. In fact, over the past few years, cosplay has really taken off even in areas that aren’t that populated which is great for those of us who enjoy meeting others that share the same passion. One of the best anime series that many people are started to dress like in cosplay is the Kill la Kill characters. If you want to get a great looking cosplay outfit that looks amazing be sure to check out the Kill la Kill outfits that are available at CosPlaySky. They have a huge selection and some unique looking outfits. (more…)