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Have Too Much Stress in Your Life? Try Adult Coloring

adult coloringWith the stress of the world upon our shoulders it’s sometimes difficult to relax and just take some time to unwind. After all, we all need to worry about bills, relationships, schedules, and just about everything else under the sun. As adults, it’s sometimes very difficult to just take some time to ourselves and release the stress of the day. Even sitting at the kitchen table or easy chair still means you’ll have all sorts of thoughts running through your mind. There is a release that can help however and that is coloring. Believe it or not but coloring is very therapeutic and can help to reduce stress in your life which can help you live healthier. For more information be sure to check out this adult coloring page.

Choose MindStir Media for More Success with Self Publishing

Choose MindStir Media for More Success with Self PublishingWe all want to think of ourselves as great story tellers. In fact, many of us think we can be prize winning authors. I found out recently that being an author of a book isn’t just about writing a good story. In fact, you can have the best writing and story telling abilities in the world but if it’s not in front of the right people you won’t get very far. This was the position I was in until I found MindStir Media. They helped guide me and walk me through key areas that I thought didn’t even matter. If you’re ready to become an author or you already have some ideas your first stop should be MindStir Media.

The San Francisco Bay Area Best Makeup Artist

San Francisco Bay Area best makeup artistDo you have a special party or an event coming up and want to have your makeup done for you? For folks that live in the San Francisco Bay Area they can get LoveMeDo to come to them and get their makeover done. It’s a great service especially for those times when you need your makeup done at an event such as a wedding, prom, or formal gathering of some kind.  To learn more about their service and what you can do to have your makeup done be sure to check out the San Francisco Bay Area best makeup artist known as LoveMeDo. You can also check out their portfolio which has samples of their previous work.

Musicians: Focus on Your Music First!

artist managementCreative people do well with art because they can bring out feelings and emotions in the rest of us. Musicians in particular can create soothing music to get us through hard times or make us happy while remembering that song you associate with something great in your life. But for today’s musician creating and promoting music is more about a business rather than creation. That’s where LIVAMP comes in. If you’re a musician and want to focus on your art rather than the business side of things be sure to get in touch with them and let them handle your promotions, make calls, etc… It’s time to started to create more art and leave the artist management to professionals.

Younique Mascara Reviews

Have you ever seen those lashes on models and celebrities that just seem to call attention and demand that you notice them? They are long and sleek and extremely full bodied so that their eyes look amazing. Having lashes like this isn’t as difficult as you may think and very much affordable. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of the Younique mascara reviews and think it’s a product that every woman needs in order to have the full luscious lashes that require attention from anyone who glances at you. And let’s face it, everyone wants to be noticed and gain attention. (more…)

Find Chicago Hip Hop

chicago hip hopAlthough the weather may be cold outside it’s great to be able to look forward to your weekend or next entertainment event. For fans of Chicago Hip Hop the best way to do that is by visiting the Chicago Hip Hop site. Find out about the latest happenings in Hip Hop and read the blog. Also if you’re ready to attend an event check out the upcoming shows and venues that they promote there. Full details of events are posted including prices and locations. They also include prices and fees for additional services such as meet and greet and private tables. Check them out today if you’re a Hip Hop fan.

Tattoo Ideas to Help with Choosing the Perfect Tattoo

When it comes to choosing your first tattoo, it is important that you put a lot of thought and research into what you want to get. One of the things you can do is look for tattoo ideas. These tattoo designs will help you with deciding what tattoo is best for you. Never make a quick decision because this is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. So it is very important that you take time to browse tattoo designs and find the tattoo you really want. You may find a few different designs that you will want to put together to create your masterpiece. Either way, do your research first. (more…)

Great Easy Money Folding Ideas Anyone Can Do

I’m sure you have been told not to play with your money, but there are actually some cool things you can do with money. Folding money has become very popular and it is quite fun to do. There are many things you can do when it comes to folding your money. If you are looking for easy folding money ideas, take a look at Super Simple Dollar Origami site. They give you ideas on how to fold money and the ideas are easy to follow. Even if you’ve never done origami, you can follow these easy money folding ideas and create some pretty cool origami with your bills. Take a look at their site by using the link in this post.

There’s Always Time for Art

artNo matter how busy or hectic our day is it’s easy to get lost in an image, book, or picture. Art stimulates the  mind and gives us a relaxing feeling that can totally consume us. It’s a great stress release at the end of the day to simply gaze at a work of art and try to imagine the image in full emotion. Figure out what the best and worst emotions associated with the image and attempting to realize the artists emotions and meaning in the image can really make you realize how important art is to us. One artist I have come to absolutely adore lately is Birdwin. Take a look at the Art blog and look at some of the latest creations to learn more.

It’s Time To Take Your Writing to the Next Level with Green Shore Publishing

book publishingFor writers, one of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to have their works read. These writers may have the best story in the world that can make your imagination run wild and open emotions that you may not have even known about. They simple don’t have the publishing that is needed in order to get their work noticed. However, there are publishing companies that will take your work and push it into the world so you’ll get the popularity and promotions you need. One of the best publishers to do this is Green Shore Publishing. Check them out today if you have a story that you need to tell. They have an upload spot available right on their front page so you can get started right away.