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Enjoy Your Life And Friends Today!

RAD CollectiveThere’s no time like the present for anything you want to do. Going through life simply working your job and sitting on the couch every night watching the latest reality shows isn’t exciting, and it’s certainly no way to live. It’s time to get up and get out. Break the norm and start enjoying your life! And it starts today! After all, we’re all given just a short time on this Earth, let’s spend it doing exciting things, experiencing people and places, and letting out the occasional “Woooo!”. If you’re ready to seize the day and have a life that you can be excited about be sure to check out the RAD collective and what they stand for. It’s an awesome movement and it will certainly get your heart pumping just looking at some of the moments that’s shared.

Breaking Down Baseball Mental Barriers to Win Big in Just a Few Days!

baseball softball batBaseball and Softball season is upon us and it’s time to enjoy going to the games and cheering on our favorite team or kids. Sometimes as a parent however, it’s difficult to get kids to excel at the game. One of the biggest reasons is the mental aspect of the game. Most kids have problems hitting or fielding in baseball because of mental blocks that are in place. The ability is there in almost every kid, but without a way to overcome these mental barriers they will never realize their own greatness. And it’s not just kids either. Even hitters in the major leagues get into a slump and most of the time it’s mental. I’m sure you’ve heard many MLB pitchers talk about the mental aspect of the game. It’s important and if you’re overlooking this key part of the game while teaching your kids baseball or softball then they are truly missing out. If you want to learn more about how much mental plays a part Click Here now.

Make Your Own PVC Kayak Boat for Around $50

Build Your Own KayakIf you’ve entered an outdoors store and looked at the prices of kayaks then you know they can be extremely expensive. Some of the kayaks today sell for around $500 each and that doesn’t include shipping. But David Webster figured out a way to create a kayak from plumbing supplies that cost around $50 total. (more…)

Fun and Easy Easter Egg Games That You Can Play with Your Kids

Easter Egg GamesEaster is fast approaching and getting your kids excited about Easter and going on egg hunts is great. But there are many additional Easter egg games that you can do with your kids to make the Easter holiday much more enjoyable. Here are some really easy to do Easter egg games that you can do with your family and they only take a few minutes. (more…)