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Find Qualified Computer Help at North Bay Computer Doctors

North Bay Computer DoctorsWhen your computer starts to act up or you have a device that needs repair usually there is always some who has a friend that can fix it for you. You may even have a neighbor that does computer work or device repair. The problem is that even someone who is great with computers may not be qualified to repair your computer. It may be a simple fix that a technician can go into your computer and fix it however, there may be problems that are beyond a simple repair. And if you need to send the computer back because of a warranty issue then chances are letting someone work on the computer who isn’t qualified will void the warranty. That’s why when you need have your computer repaired it’s best to get qualified technicians who can service your computer and do so on a daily basis. One of the best places to get this done is North Bay Computer Doctors.

Another area that has gained lots of popularity lately is mobile devices. Screens sometimes break and things happen to mobile devices that need repair. There’s usually no shortage of people offering mobile repair service on phones or tablets. However, do you really want to trust an expensive phone to someone who isn’t properly qualified to do the job?

Find Qualified Computer Help at North Bay Computer Doctors

Damaging a phone or tablet while replacing the screen is very easy to do and unless you know what you’re doing you can destroy a phone. Many times a screen is replaced using parts that are not factory specified parts which means that although they work correctly the screen may be weaker or scratch more easily. And if the device is under warranty the warranty may be void if you ever need to send it back to the factory.

To make sure you get the best service for your computer or mobile device make sure you go with the professions at North Bay Computer Doctors. Don’t trust your computer or phone to just anyone, get qualified computer help at North Bay Computer Doctors.

Get a Discount on Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016One of the most popular software products for editing text, spreadsheets, and making presentations is Microsoft Office 2016. The original Microsoft Office suite has been around for many years and it’s popularity is huge. It’s no wonder why it’s so popular as well. With robust features and cutting edge technology this software suite is well beyond any of the closest competitors. In fact, most of the current competition for Microsoft Office tends to almost mimic the design and layout. But none of the competitors are anywhere close to overtaking this amazing software program.

There are free solutions that are available that offer some of the functionality of the Microsoft Office suite but they have some huge disadvantages when compared to Microsoft products. One of the biggest disadvantages is speed. The free software solutions for office were extremely slow and required additional components to be installed an ran on my machine. Along with that the program kept encountering problems and a computer restart was required to free up my computer causing me to lose work in the program.

Discount for Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office however is extremely stable. It also has a built in auto-save feature so that if something happens like a power outage your work is usually backed up even if you didn’t save it. This feature has saved me on multiple occasions and the work it saved was completely worth the cost of the software.

Actually Microsoft Office 2016 has come down in price when compared to it’s predecessors. In fact, you can even get discounts for Microsoft Office 2016 and the entire suite of products that has including: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and more. These are just some of the included programs within the Office suite. If you’re ready to take advantage of a great discount on this amazing product then be sure to check out Microsoft Office 2016 offered by SoftwareWolf discount software.


Don’t Risk Your Tax Money, Get Professional Tax Help

calculate your tax refundThe world of the internet has brought so many things to us. It has created a place that allows individuals to do things that were once only available to professionals. One of those things is our income taxes. More and more people are doing their taxes online now. And if you’re still doing your taxes by hand or paying outrageous prices then you are certainly missing out. At H&R Block online site you can get your taxes done easily and it guides you through the entire process. You basically just answer a series of questions and then it applies those answers to your tax return. It’s super simple to use and one of the best features about it is that you can calculate your tax return. Allowing you to get the most money back.

The online form also helps you look for deductions and tax breaks. Tax laws change each and every year and staying on top of those laws is difficult for even a seasoned tax professional. Online however, all the new laws, tax breaks, and tax credits are included in the software so you’re sure to get all the tax credits that are available to you. Don’t risk your hard earned money that you paid in all year, do your taxes online this year and maximize your refund.

BPUT Exam Schedule for 2016 Winter & Summer Sessions

BPUT Exam ScheduleAs one of the best technology schools in Odisha, India, Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT for short), gives exams to it’s more than 56,000 students on their campus and affiliated campuses, to ensure the students are excelling and retaining information. Being prepared and ready for the exams that BPUT offers is a must. The BPUT exam schedule has just been released and published at the official BPUT site. Students are encouraged to prepare themselves and study for the exams to ensure they have good marks on the exam. Learn more about the BPUT exam schedule including any needed materials and also what the exact dates are exactly.

Put Your Business Online with a Drag & Drop Website Builder

drag and drop website builderBuilding a website is tough, or at least it used to be. There was all sorts of programming languages to learn and images took forever to make using complicated programs such as Photoshop. Not only that, technology advances so fast that once you learn the technology it’s already outdated. And the cycle begins again. Fortunately, today there are tools that make the process so much easier and it’s done without learning any sort of programming languages or expensive image editing software. Today’s websites can be built by simply using a drag & drop website builder. Simply click on the element you want to see on the page and drop it there. It’s that simple to create a website and anyone can create a website for their business. Check out the drag & drop website builder today for more information.

Don’t Trust Your WordPress Site to Just Anyone…

Don't Trust Your WordPress Site to Just AnyoneMy WordPress site was doing okay and everything was going great on it. But I wanted to help it by using a few SEO techniques that someone was promoting on CraigsList. I contacted the company (which basically turned out to be just some random guy) to talk about my site. They promised to have the website updated and ready to go in just a day. We agreed on a price and I sent them the details to the site. Two weeks later I contacted them again and wanted to cancel the agreement since they didn’t do anything to the site. That’s when I got a notice from Google that malware (a virus) was placed on my site and it would affect my search rankings. The project was to get more people to visit the site from search engines not to remove it completely!

I decided that finding people on CraigList or other methods like that was just too risky so I found some WordPress experts called Tilden Tasks on WordPress Tech. They were helpful and seemed knowledgeable about my problem. In fact, I think the person I spoke to had dealt with this sort of problem before. Less than one day later Tilden Tasks were able to remove the malware from my site. They also did the SEO upgrades that I originally ordered from the first provider. And the best part is they did all this quickly and professionally. If you have WordPress problems don’t go to some guy on CraigsList, go with a proven provider like Tilden Tasks. Read more about Tilden Tasks with this review article.

Protect Your Privacy with a Temp Email

temp emailIt seems like everywhere you visit online today wants your email address. And even though they say they won’t send you many emails, when you sign up for a few sites you’re suddenly bombarded with emails advertising anything under the sun. What’s even worse is that many of these site sell your email to someone else and the cycle continues on and on. One way to protect yourself from this happening and also your privacy is by using a temp email. By using a temp email you can break free from sites that require you to constantly enter your email. If you’re ready to take control of your privacy get a temp email from Email on Deck today.

London Based SEO Helps You Gain Customers to Your Site

London Based SEO Helps You Gain Customers to Your SiteWhen building a website most people have the mentality of the Field of Dreams movie: “If you build it they will come”. Sadly, they soon realize that just having a website is not enough. Sure you may have an awesome looking website that has all the bells and whistles including the latest technology but if no one ever visits it, what good does it do your business? It’s like opening a state of the art ice cream stand at the north pole. That’s why getting your site ranked on search engines is so important. Getting a site ranked on search engines is difficult and you’ll likely need some search engine optimization (SEO) help to get things going. That’s where London based SEO can help with your rankings.

Let Travis Digital analyze your site and help you make it more search engine friendly. They can also help with off site items that can help your site rank better as well. Once your site starts ranking better however you can start to see more users and potentially customers visit your site. But first you’ll need to get your SEO done properly and by hiring a London based SEO firm you can do just that.

Are You Struggling with Chords? Try Utab

Are You Struggling with ChordsSometimes when a musician is attempting to learn the latest song that just came out on the radio or that classic rock and roll tune they heard as a kid the tab or beats list just isn’t available. And many times when you can find a tab file it’s mostly wrong or difficult to understand. But now you can get the chords that you want for your music and the best part is you can get the lyrics as well as an aligned tab with music. You must experience it to truly understand it and if you’re a musician you’ll certainly want to check it out. It’s a site called utab and it will literally change how you learn and play music. Give it a visit today to learn more.

Add More Interaction to Your Website with a Free Forum

create a forumGetting users talking about your product or service can really help with brand recognition. It can also really help with support for products and answering questions that seem to come up again and again. A great way to add this sort of interaction to your website is with a forum. A forum can allow users to sign up and post comments, questions, or even testimonials which others can view on your site. This can help you close sales, increase site traffic, and have happier customers overall. And unlike many people would have you believe, adding a forum is pretty simple and straightforward process. If you’re ready to start interacting better with your customers be sure to create a forum today!