How to Change Your General Options in OneNote

How to Change Your General Options in OneNoteYour General Option in OneNote will allow you to change the default font, text color, OneNote theme, and more. In this guide, I will show you how to open your General Options in OneNote and how to make changes to OneNote. To get started, you will need to load OneNote.


Opening Your General Options in OneNote


Let’s begin with opening the General Options box in OneNote. At the top of your program, you will see the File button. Click that button to open the file panel. Once it is opened, click the Options button near the bottom. That will pop up a box and in the left panel, you will see the different categories. Look for the General Options category and click it.


Changing Your OneNote’s Theme


First, I will show you how to change the theme in OneNote. On the right side of the box, you will see the different settings. Look for the Color Scheme box and drop it down. In this box, you will see three different colors. These are the three colors you can choose from for your theme. Make your selection and then continue on. You won’t see the effects take place until you press the OK button at the bottom. We will move on before pressing OK though.


Changing the Text Options in OneNote


Next, I will show you how to change the default text options in OneNote. This is how your text will appear any time you type something on one of your pages. You can override the default by using the text tools in your Home panel.


Look for the Default Font section. In this section, you will see the font box, size box, and color box. To change any of these, you will need to drop the boxes down and make your selection. Remember, the changes will take place when you click OK.


The other options do not need to be changed. So when you have finished with the above, you can click the OK button and close the box. The theme will now change and any new text you add to your pages will appear with the settings you chose.

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