Christmas Elves Picture Frame for Digital Scrapbooking

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a picture frame for digital scrapbooks. This is a Christmas picture frame with elves in the bottom corner. The frame is green with a texture applied to it. This Christmas Elves picture frame is created in Fireworks CS3. You will need Fireworks CS3 to create this frame.
First, we will start by creating a new canvas to work on. You can create the canvas 400 pixels by 400 pixels. You can crop the Elves picture frame when you have finished creating it. Set the background to transparent. Then click OK.

Now we will draw the rectangle for the frame. Grab the rectangle tool and draw the rectangle or square. Which ever you want. Then change the color fill to #009933. Change the texture of the color fill to Grass. The amount of texture will need to be set to 50%. You can adjust the texture to what you want if you have a smaller or larger frame.


Now you will need to apply the border. The border color is # 009933. The stroke category is 1-Pixel Soft. The tip size is set to 4. Next, we will apply a bevel to it. Click Filters > Bevel and Emboss > Outer Bevel. Changed the color to # 009933. To make the outer bevel thicker, change the width in the box. Click off of the box to close it. That is the background part of the Christmas Elves Picture Frame.

Now we will create the elves graphics. Go to this site to get the graphics. When the pages loads, find the graphic of the elf holding the present. Right click on the graphic and click Save As link. Save the graphic to your computer. Go back to your Fireworks window and import the file that you just saved.

Delete the background of the elf using the Magic Wand Tool from the toolbar. Adjust the size of the elf if you need too. Right click on the elf and click Edit > Duplicate. Drag the duplicated elf to the other corner. Now you will need to flip the elf. Right click on the elf and click Transform > Modify.

Now you can insert your photo into the frame. Import the photo that you want to use. Adjust the size of the photo to fit in the frame. To make it look like it is inside of the frame, we will use the inset emboss. Click Filters > Bevel and Emboss > Inset Emboss. Adjust the width to give it a deeper look. Click off of the box to close it. Now you can crop and export your Christmas Elves Picture Frame.

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