Know Your Dates This Deer Hunting Season

Know Your Dates This Deer Hunting SeasonAs the morning sun breaks the horizon and the dew and frost starts to melt away and glimmer in the sunlight most deer are already starting feeding for the day. For most days during the year they are perfectly safe and can go about their day just like any other. But, when hunting season starts things are totally different. Hunting season was created to help manage wildlife and keep a balance that allows the species to thrive and hunters a chance to gather needed meat. Let’s face it, it’s also quite exciting as well. Knowing when to go hunting however and when you shouldn’t means you’ll need to make sure you follow the local guidelines in your area. Take a look at the deer hunting dates to determine when you can go hunting and what dates you need to plan vacations and other events around.

Know Your Dates This Deer Hunting Season

There are a few things you’ll want to know before going on a hunting trip. The first thing you’ll need is a hunting license that is usually available from Wal-Mart or your local Department of Natural Resources. For hunting deer you may also need special provisions to the license or additional items such as a big game endorsement on the hunting license. Talk with your local DNR authority to know for sure exactly what you’ll need.

While getting the license and all the required documents to allow you to hunt there are still restrictions that are in place. You’ll need to hunt on the days in which deer season is open. Remember that seasons help all hunters in that it allows the population of deer to increase for each season. Hunting out of season can result in a lower population of deer for future hunts and if you’re caught hunting and killing deer out of season it can result in a huge fine, jail time, and possible revocation of your hunting license. It’s simply not worth the risk to hunt out of season. That’s one reason why it’s so important to make sure you hunt only during deer season.

Bows and Rifles May Not Be the Same Season

Another thing you’ll need to pay special attention to when hunting deer is the type of weapon you’ll be using. For many states, deer season opens for a short time for hunters who are using a bow and arrow to hunt deer. After a few weeks the season usually opens for hunters with rifles as weapons. Additionally, hunting deer with the help of hunting or running dogs may also be different. Before you do any sort of deer hunting you’ll need to make sure that you check out all the deer hunting dates in your state and make sure you’re hunting legally.

As hunters, we’re responsible for maintaining the environment and wildlife that we hunt and use. Over hunting and hunting out of season is bad for everyone, so please only hunt during official hunting season dates and take only what you’ll eat.

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