Don’t Trust Your WordPress Site to Just Anyone…

Don't Trust Your WordPress Site to Just AnyoneMy WordPress site was doing okay and everything was going great on it. But I wanted to help it by using a few SEO techniques that someone was promoting on CraigsList. I contacted the company (which basically turned out to be just some random guy) to talk about my site. They promised to have the website updated and ready to go in just a day. We agreed on a price and I sent them the details to the site. Two weeks later I contacted them again and wanted to cancel the agreement since they didn’t do anything to the site. That’s when I got a notice from Google that malware (a virus) was placed on my site and it would affect my search rankings. The project was to get more people to visit the site from search engines not to remove it completely!

I decided that finding people on CraigList or other methods like that was just too risky so I found some WordPress experts called Tilden Tasks on WordPress Tech. They were helpful and seemed knowledgeable about my problem. In fact, I think the person I spoke to had dealt with this sort of problem before. Less than one day later Tilden Tasks were able to remove the malware from my site. They also did the SEO upgrades that I originally ordered from the first provider. And the best part is they did all this quickly and professionally. If you have WordPress problems don’t go to some guy on CraigsList, go with a proven provider like Tilden Tasks. Read more about Tilden Tasks with this review article.

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