How Easy is it to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?

How Easy is it to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?There are so many insects in this world that it makes going outside scary and downright dangerous. Especially with new viruses and other problems we’re hearing about on the news being able to keep those insects outside while still enjoying fresh air in your home means you’ll need to have a screen installed. However, there is a new product today called a magnetic screen door that is easy to install and can keep insects out of your home. I’ll go over how easy one of these magnetic screen doors is to install in this article.

How Easy is it to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?

Installing a magnetic screen door is much like hanging a curtain in your home. It only takes a few minutes and only needs to be installed once and will last for a long time. I’ll go over how to install one of the more popular models below.

Step One:

Measure your door to get the right fit. Measure from the inside of the door to the other side of the door. Most doors will be 32 inches to 36 inches. If your measurement was less than 24 inches chances are you’re not measuring correctly.

Step Two:

Once the screen mesh door comes in it will contain velco strips that attach to the door frame of your door. Place these on the door frame and use the included black tacks to secure it into place. These strips should go all the way around the door.

Step Three:

Attach the curtain to the Velcro strip you just installed on the door frame. Making sure the magnetic screen door curtain goes all the way to the ground and also is aligned in the center. You may need to adjust the Velcro strips inward or outward to achieve a perfect fit.

That’s It!

That’s all you need to do to install a magnetic screen door on your home. Now you can enjoy the fresh clean air without worrying about the insects coming into your home.




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