Five Awesome Gifts That Support Autism Awareness

Five Awesome Gifts That Support Autism AwarenessAhh fall- the leaves start to change colors, pumpkin spice lattes return, and everyone begins to think about the upcoming holiday season.  For those of you who like to get a jump on your shopping, we’ve found five gifts that you’ll definitely want to add to your shopping list! (For the procrastinators, just bookmark this article and thank us later.)

Five Awesome Gifts That Support Autism Awareness

What makes these gifts must-buys on our list?  Not only are they awesome presents, they also support autism awareness!  These gifts are designed with autistic children and their families in mind, and are a great way to show your support for this issue.

So, without further ado, here are our five picks!

  1. Autism Warrior: The Force Is Strong With This One T-Shirt

This shirt is PERFECT for the Star Wars geeks in your life!  The classic font equals instant nostalgia, and the message is awesome too.  Great for casual wear around the house or out and about, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors to customize the shirt for the recipient.  This is the shirt you’re looking for!

  1. Seasonal Snowflake Fidget Spinners

The fidget spinner crazy happened for good reason- these fidgets are perfect for people of any age who focus better when they keep their hands busy.  For anyone in your life who doesn’t have a spinner yet, or who needs a new one, surprise them with a snowflake spinner!  These fidgets come in multiple wintery designs, and are sure to provide endless hours of use for their new owner.

  1. Autism Awareness Coffee Tumbler

For the caffeine addicts in your life, this tumbler will bring a smile to their face!  A sleek black body with silver lid is completed by laser-etched puzzle pieces and word art on the side.  This tumbler is a great choice for people who like to take their beverages on the go- it is designed to fit most cup holders, and has double wall insulation to keep its contents hot or cold twice as long as regular plastic tumblers.

  1. Autism Awareness iPhone Case

For all the technology fiends out there, a new iPhone case is a foolproof gift.  These cases are made of durable hybrid thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate materials, meaning it will do a great job of protecting your phone from life’s daily hazards.  The cases are made to fit iPhone 6 and later- you just select which phone you want the case to fit on the website so that all of the ports are in the correct location.

  1. Autism Awareness Sweatshirt

If you need a gift for someone who lives in a colder climate, consider this cozy sweatshirt!  Emblazoned with colorful puzzle pieces on the front and the words “Autism Awareness,” this is the perfect hoodie to snuggle up in.  It comes in 6 different colors, and is made to last.  It’s a great gift that is sure to bring many seasons of enjoyment for its owner!


Hopefully you found some gifts for your loved ones in this list!  There are plenty of other options available at The Autism Gift Shop if you didn’t find quite what you were looking for.  Whatever you end up selecting, the combo of supporting autism awareness and a great present is sure to be a hit with the recipient.

Happy shopping!


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