Fun and Easy Easter Egg Games That You Can Play with Your Kids

Easter Egg GamesEaster is fast approaching and getting your kids excited about Easter and going on egg hunts is great. But there are many additional Easter egg games that you can do with your kids to make the Easter holiday much more enjoyable. Here are some really easy to do Easter egg games that you can do with your family and they only take a few minutes.

Easter Egg Games You Can Do At Home

All of the Easter egg games that are mentioned here will be done with plastic eggs. They are safe for your kids and you can put stuff on the inside of the eggs which most of these activities will do. So if you haven’t got any plastic Easter eggs then stop by your local Wal-Mart or Target and pick some up. They are usually only a few dollars for a dozen or more.

So without any more ado, let’s get started with the games!

Make a Scavenger Hunt from the Easter Eggs

This activity is really great for older kids. You simply put a message inside the egg that has a hint on the location of the next egg. You can also pair the eggs so as soon as someone finds one egg that clue goes to the other egg in the set and vice-versa. If you have older kids and younger kids doing this activity together then you can put messages in for both. Just label one as older and the other as younger. This is a great way to also try out some great prizes in the mix as well.

Guess The Contents of the Easter Eggs

Add a bit of pizazz to your Easter eggs games and hunts by filling the eggs with different contents. There are several games you can play including guessing the eggs that have the same contents. Don’t allow the children to open the eggs but make them match the eggs up simply by them sounding alike.

You can also hide the eggs and then let the children find the eggs that match in sounds and see how many they get right. Filling the Easter eggs with items from around the house is easy too. Just get some rice, beans, stones, jellybeans, etc. Almost anything that makes noise when shaking the eggs will work. You can even use your imagination and make them guess the contents of the eggs.

Float or Sink the Eggs

Just like the previously mentioned Easter egg game the float or sink game has your children guessing if the eggs will float or sink. Simply fill them with household items and then the children can guess which ones float and which ones sink.

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Want More Easter Egg Games and Easter Activities?

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