The Functions of EMF or Electromagnetic Field Protection

DefenderPad Laptop RadiationAt this point in the twenty first century, our lives are tethered to an assortment of electronic devices. We lack full conclusive knowledge of the detriment to the physical body as we hold cellphones to our ears for hours of conversation. We fail to realize that all electronic devices such as our tablets, computers, laptops, and cell phones emit diverse forms of radiation. The EMF acronym represents Electromagnetic Field. Other types of radiation include ELF or Extremely Low Frequency, EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation, and RF or Radio Frequency. The focus of this report is the examination of forms related to EMF or Electromagnetic Field protection.

A prime example entails Wi-Fi devices and cell phone communications that generate RF or Radio Frequency radiation. For extended periods of use devoid of EMF or Electromagnetic Field protection, this radiation penetrates the body with the result of initiating the consequence of long-term physiological damage.

The primary form of EMF protection is to keep devices away from the body. Never hold your cellphone to your ear or hold your laptop in your lap while using such device for long periods. Always maintain a safe distance from the radiation source, which will assure the avoidance of adverse bodily effects. Distant Electromagnetic Field sources such as cell towers, power lines, and appliances will not produce an equivalent effect. The close proximity to the body of small devices that emit EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation brings about a greater risk.

It is imperative that you make EMF or Electromagnetic Field protection a priority, because this form of radiation exposure causes problems related to fertility, DNA mutation also known as cellular damage, in addition to the creation of skin conditions.

Although the device is not in direct contact with the skin, radiation still penetrates the body. This is a chief reason for the recommendation of proper EMF protection at DefenderPad. Popular electronic accessories such as laptop cooling pads, laptop trays, laptop tables, or lap desks fail to offer sufficient protection, since none of these generates a shield that protects your body from electromagnetic fields.

There are shields designed to safeguard against EMF or Electromagnetic Field radiation, and this is the most effective form of protection, with high recommendations. This shielding design is specific to EMF, instead of for heat or discomfort. The shield for the Electromagnetic Field remains between you and the electronic device as it redirects and deflects the radiation away from your body. Due to the variant effectiveness levels of EMF shields, the recommendation is to perform sufficient research prior to any purchase related to this type of shield.

The most effective EMF protection strategies include keeping transportable and mobile devices a sufficient distance away from the body. Hold your cellphone away from your mouth, and use the speakerphone feature for better protection. In the case of a device designed for use close to the body, a more effective form of EMF protection involves using these devices for short periods.

A substantial amount of scientific research and studies are conducted on electromagnetic fields. The need exists for continued evaluation of the long-term effects, due to the proliferation of these devices. The data generated from research calls for a cautious and intelligent approach related to EMF protection and usage of electronic devices to shield yourself from the side effects that results from the exposure to EMF radiation.



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