Get Packages Anywhere with Parcel Square LLC

Parcel Square LLCImagine being able to shop online at US based stores and not have to worry about whether that store ships to your country or not. Many online retailers don’t even offer shipping to countries outside the US. That’s where Parcel Square LLC comes in and allows you to get packages no matter where you live. The service they offer will allow you to get a package shipped to one of their US locations and then send the package on to you.

One of theĀ  best features about is the ability to examine your mail online. You can actually get them to open up the package and make sure the contents are correct before you spend the money to get it shipped to you. It works great for those items that are misrepresented at online auctions. You can also get the weight and such on the items and combine shipping on items to save even more money. If you live outside the US and want to take advantage of online shopping at these locations be sure to check out today.

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