Getting a US Address is Easy with Parcels Abroad GP

Parcels Abroad GPShopping online can give you huge discounts over regular real world stores. These discounts can also be combined with discount codes and coupons and you can save even more money on these purchases. Unfortunately if you live in a country outside the United States your discounts will likely be much less since you’ll have all sorts of shipping and handling fees. Plus, some online stores won’t even ship to other countries. There is a solution you can use from Parcels Abroad GP however that can give you a US based address and then have it shipped to you. they work with over 200 countries so you are more than likely covered by their service.

They also have physical addresses and not PO boxes which some sites don’t accept. And they work well with auction sites like eBay with a packaging service as well. You can also get regular mail at the address as well so getting letters and such would be no problem. You can also scan the mail before it’s ever sent to your to ensure it’s something that you actually want and not some junk mail. To find out more about the service and how it can help you in your shipping needs check out

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