Golden Hint : The Next Great Idea?

GH_logo_YellowLight_LargeMany people who want to do something good for the community or world as a whole can sometimes be discouraged simply because they don’t understand a particular aspect of their own project. They may completely understand the need for a product or service but fail in correctly implementing it so that it helps as many people as possible. For charitable organizations there is even a much bigger hurdle and that includes funding for the project. Since the goal of the project isn’t monetary you can have an even tougher time just getting advice. And it’s always best to get reviews of products before getting them. However, there is a new service that is aimed at helping these charitable projects get the answers they need in order to fully develop into something that can help many people. It’s called Golden Hint and will soon launch. Get the answers from a peer to peer group that can help you better understand all the aspects that you may currently be having trouble with.