Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, Outlines His First 5 Initiatives for 2020

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, outlines his first 5 of 1k initiatives for 2020The political environment of the world today can best be described as tumultuous. There are problems that effect so many of the American citizens but it seems as if priorities are placed only on a select few. In the 2020 election there will be a new candidate that can bring forth some much needed change in leadership and his name is Hart Cunningham. Hart Cunningham is already showing why he may be the best person for the job in 2020. He has outlined 5 of his initiatives for when he becomes president and they are some much needed issues that need to be addressed.

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, Outlines His First 5 Initiatives for 2020

Presidential candidate Hart Cunningham has over 1,000 initiatives and issues that he will address during his presidential campaign. He gives the first 5 initiatives in the following video:


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1st Energy

For more than 100 years we have been burning fossil fuels to power heating for our homes to driving our cars. We’re basically killing the environment around us while the big oil companies continue to make profits and pump more oil from the Earth. Hart Cunningham recognizes the need for more sustainable and renewable energy. He even proposes an incentive program for citizens who use renewable energy such as solar or wind.

2nd Equality

In a perfect world, things you do and say dictate how you are treated. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world in today’s political theater, in fact, just the opposite. People are fighting an uphill battle based on things that are many times out of their control. Economic status, lack of education, and a systematic poverty level that can be found all across the United States must be addressed and Hart Cunningham does just that in his second initiative.

3rd Women

There are many cases of women who do not get the fair shake that men do in this country. Recently, the technology industry was heavily featured in the news about their hiring practices when it came to women. While the short boost of exposure did seem to help there is so much more that needs to be done in America across all industries for women. Hart Cunningham recognizes the need for more equality for women and addresses it with his third initiative for his 2020 campaign.

4th Home Ownership

Owning a home in this great country is truly an American dream. Unfortunately, for many people that simply isn’t a reality. This is even more so now since the sub-prime mortgage debacle that seemed to tip off the last recession. Hart Cunningham believes that owning a home makes a person more accountable and proud to be part of this nation. He proposes land grants and ways to help people who are currently renting to get into a place of their own in his forth initiative.

5th China

China is a manufacturing powerhouse. In fact, China manufactures all kinds of goods for the USA. And the best part is that China can also manufacture solar panels. Hart Cunningham has a drive to end the environmental crisis that we are currently experiencing with fossil fuels and thinks that renewable energy is a much better avenue. With the manufacturing power of China, he thinks that getting the rest of the world supplied with solar panels can truly make a difference.

I urge you to watch the video above and learn more about Hart Cunningham. The presidential election will be here soon and support is always appreciated. Vote for Hart Cunningham in 2020 to make a difference on the initiatives above and more.

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, outlines his first 5 of 1k initiatives for 2020





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