Help With Changing the Display Settings on Your RCA 7” Tablet

Changing Your Display Settings on Your RCA 7If you have just purchased your new RCA 7″ tablet and need help with changing your display settings, take a look at this article. I bought this tablet not long ago and after spending quite a bit of time on it, I have figured out quite a bit about it and would like to pass on some of the things that I have learned. I have also learned that there are many things hidden on this tablet and unless you sit there and spend quite a bit of time digging through stuff, it will be hard to find. Continue reading to learn how to change your display settings on your RCA 7″ tablet.

Opening Your Settings Menu on Your RCA 7″ Tablet

The first step to changing the display settings on your new tablet is to open your Settings menu. This menu can be opened by tapping the blue square icon at the bottom of your tablet. Anytime you need to open your settings, this is the icon you will tap. After tapping that icon, you will see the Settings menu load on your screen.

Changing the Settings to Display Settings on Your RCA 7″ Tablet

Now that you have the Settings menu opened, you will need to change the settings to the Display Settings. To do this, locate the Display option on the left side of your tablet. On the right side of your tablet, you will see the different options for the Display Settings.

Changing Your Display Settings on Your RCA 7″ Tablet

Now you can change the Display Settings on your tablet. This section will allow you to change your wallpaper, the brightness of your screen, the sleep timer, the font size, and if you want wireless display on or off. To change these settings, simply tap an option and make your changes. When you have made your changes, you can tap the Home button at the bottom of your tablet and close the Settings menu out.

If you need help with doing other things on your RCA 7″ tablet, please search my profile and you may find help on what you are looking for. Or if you’re in the market for a table be sure to check out the RCA 7″ Tablet available at Amazon.

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