Finding IMG Friendly Residency Programs Made Easy

Finding IMG Friendly Residency Programs Made EasyNow that you’ve completed medical school you need to find a residency program to get into. Even for students who are about to graduate it’s something that you’ll certainly want to keep in mind. Many think that finding a residency to apply to is a shot in the dark but it doesn’t need to be. Finding IMG friendly residency programs is easier than you might think if you have the right tools. In this article I’ll show you an easy way to get the residency that best fits you profile quickly.

Finding IMG Friendly Residency Programs Made Easy

As you may have already guessed creating a residency program application is a very tedious and  painstakingly process. The time it takes to create these lists along with the work involved is treacherous. And although many people see this as a necessary evil, it actually isn’t.

IMG residency

By visiting this IMG friendly residency programs site you’ll be able to search through programs that are best suited to you. They base their data on previous residencies and use your profile to better match you to a particular program. Not only does this save a huge amount of time but it also save you lots of money by allowing you to contact programs in which you have a better chance of getting into. Thus avoiding what could be thousands of dollars in application fees for programs where your chances of getting in are minuscule.

Although there are other IMG residency lists that are available today most of them are not updated. It’s important that you use updated information when seeking out your residency. My Residency List uses updated information and can give you the latest opportunities available. For more information and to seek out your residency be sure to fill in your profile and get your matches at their IMG Friendly Residency Programs site

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