International Best Seller, New Children’s Book called Positively Georgia, by Author Elizabeth Ferris

Author Elizabeth FerrisFinding the perfect book for your children can be a daunting task these days. While there are many great books by authors that you may have never heard of, sometimes finding these gems can become a massive workload. That’s why it’s best to always first focus on best selling authors so you know the content is great. After all, you don’t become a best selling author if your book doesn’t pique your child’s interest. One book we recently found that was written by a best selling author is Positively Georgia. Here is a brief overview of the book by best selling author Elizabeth Ferris:

International Best Seller, New Children's Book called Positively Georgia, by Author Elizabeth Ferris

Meet Georgia, a bright-eyed and furry tailed Airedale Terrier with a very positive outlook on life. Positively Georgia will inspire you to dream and challenge you to remember your unique potential. This great new book will encourage you to focus your good energy and create amazing things.

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