Keepinitweird: A new TV for the Younger Ones

If you haven’t heard of keepinitweird, allow me to introduce you to this up and coming website. They provide kid driven sketch comedy on their YouTube channel. Their videos are clean, funny, and very entertaining. If you haven’t heard of them, or had the pleasure of watching them, you really need to check them out. You can use the link in this post to visit their site and watch the keepinitweird videos.

It seems these days the only thing you see on YouTube and other video sites are nasty and adult themed videos and content. So, it is really nice to have someone like keepinitweird for our kids to watch. With these videos, you won’t have to worry about them seeing stuff they shouldn’t. If you allow them to subscribe to channels on YouTube, make sure you add this one! This is one that not only your kids will love, but you will love as well. My kids and I truly enjoy the humor from these videos. Use the link in this post and start enjoying them as well.

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