Lanyards – An Irreplaceable Piece of Every Company

Lanyards - An Irreplaceable Piece of Every CompanyFrom promoting your business to improving security, custom lanyards have a number of different uses. Convenient, comfortable and simple, they have more advantages when compared to other forms of identification.

Custom lanyards are most commonly used as a way to identify staff or visitors easily. Worn comfortably around the neck, they avoid the hassle of having to look constantly inside a bag or pockets while searching for an ID document. There is almost no risk of them being lost, as they are always on you. Being extremely light, they are almost unnoticeable when worn.

Lanyards – An Irreplaceable Piece of Every Company


Advertising is extremely important for any brand or business, and custom lanyards have become a crucial element regarding their promotional purpose. Since custom lanyards come with your business name or logo, they are the easiest way to promote. As they are extremely cheap, companies won’t have to spend thousands of dollars compared to the other ways of advertising.

Hanging in front, lanyards are highly visible and everyone will catch a glimpse of the name of your business brand. They are also non-intrusive, and with a good design and color combination, they are bound to catch some looks.

Along with being convenient and simple, custom lanyards have been shown to improve the efficiency of businesses and increase security. People in charge of security can easily distinguish employees from visitors just by looking at their lanyard. Companies that have lanyards give off a more professional appearance, increasing their reputation.

Various Types

There are different styles of lanyards depending on the material. Those include polyester, woven and dye sublimated lanyards.

Cheap lanyards made of polyester are the most common type. They are widely used by companies mainly because of their low price and great quality. As it is an extremely soft material, polyester lanyards are comfortable to wear while having a shiny, professional look. Logos are easily printable on them with high-quality images.

Woven lanyards are made of high-quality polyester. They are in huge demand among businesses as they are highly durable, making the brand name visible for a long amount of time. Even though their material is similar to the usual polyester ones, the process of embedding the logo is different to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Dye sublimation is a process in which heat is used to transfer dye onto a material. Lanyards of this type are most suitable for brands with highly complex logos which contain a lot of detail. Print is of the highest quality possible, and orders can be highly customized to provide the best possible result.

Many websites require a certain amount of lanyards to be ordered, which can be an obstacle for tinier businesses that require a smaller number of them. No minimum quantity means that companies can order any number of custom lanyards no minimum, from one to a thousand.

Even though they are cheap, lanyards play a big, irreplaceable role in every business. Higher employee efficiency, safety increase and a way to advertise make lanyards a cheap, quality investment and a must-have for any company.


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