Make Your Own PVC Kayak Boat for Around $50

Build Your Own KayakIf you’ve entered an outdoors store and looked at the prices of kayaks then you know they can be extremely expensive. Some of the kayaks today sell for around $500 each and that doesn’t include shipping. But David Webster figured out a way to create a kayak from plumbing supplies that cost around $50 total.

Build Your Own Kayak

As you can see it’s made with 2 pontoons that hold the kayak above water.

Kayak from PVC Pipe

Here are the plumbing supplies you’ll need in order to build a kayak like this on your own:

  • 6″ PVC Pipe (~20 feet total)
  • PVC Tees to connect the two pontoons using smaller PVC Pipe
  • Caps to seal pipes
  • Glue to put it all together

If you’re familiar with these items this kayak can be built in an hour or less. For heavier loads you may want to get larger pontoons such as 8″. You can also use 4″ PVC but may need to double it to provide enough buoyancy.

Paddle Your Own Kayak

PVC Kayak

Here is a video for the DIY PVC Kayak that you can build for less than $50



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