Moving Tips That Can Save You Lots of Time

If you’ve ever been faced with having to move then you know how much of a task it can be. It can be an extremely difficult if you have never moved before. I’ve put together some tips in this article that can save you a lot of time on your next move. So don’t get stressed out about your next move simply plan out your move better with these tips.

Pack Things the Same as You Unpack Them

Keep items that are connected together with each other. Many people lose things while their moving simply because they don’t keep thing related together. When you arrive at your new home there may be boxes that you don’t unpack for months. What happens if you don’t remember you put the television remote in with the kid’s older toys? Even if you need to pack additional boxes you need to keep these items together. All the boxes need to be labeled as well.

Plan out the Furniture before You Leave

moving tipsWhen you get to your new home you may not be able to have all the furniture that you had at your old home. This is especially true if your new home is smaller. Having to deal with furniture that you can’t use can be problematic so be sure to plan all this out before you pack up your first item. This includes items like lamps and throw rugs as well.

Hire a Mover to Handle the Move

It’s great that you have friends and family that can help out when you move. However, when it comes to larger items like furniture they simply don’t have the tools available that professional movers would have. You may end up with damaged furniture or friends and family with a sore back. Although they could help you pack items up and move smaller items it’s best to leave the larger items to the professionals.

Plan it out at least a Week Ahead of the Move

Start packing up things that you won’t need a week before the move. Packing everything but the bare essentials will help make the actual day you move go much smoother. It also gives you more time to deal with any issues that may come up when you move.

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