Need Parking? Now You Can Rent a Parking Space

Rent My Parking SpaceFinding parking can be one of the most irritating and frustrating part of driving. And this is especially true if you live in a large city or you’re attending some sort of event in a large city. On a recent trip to Miami, FL to take in some of the sights I decided to drive down. It took as long for me to find a place to park as it did to go visit some of the areas attractions. Even when I did finally find someone to park it costs me much more than I wanted to pay and it seemed to be miles away from everywhere causing us to walk for what seemed like miles. I knew there had to be a better way to handle this, and then I found CurbFlip. CurbFlip allows you to rent a parking space. It works much like AirBnB works for additional rooms in your home. I’ll explain better about how the process works below.

Rent A Parking Space

Most home and apartment buildings have a driveway for at least one vehicle, sometimes two or more. If you don’t have a vehicle or you have two driveway spaces and only one vehicle, that empty driveway is just sitting there. Costing you property tax when it’s not really doing anything. With CurbFlip you can get connected with buyers who need a parking space. They connect to you by an app and rent the space to park their cars. This can help you make money by the revenues generated from an empty parking space. And the best part is the CurbFlip handles all the details and you only supply the area and also collect the check! I decided to try it and allow people to rent my parking space. It allowed me to make some income from something that I wasn’t using anyway. Check them out today if you have an extra parking space that you’re not using, you’ll be glad you did!

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