Quick Tips to Ask for a Raise

Quick Tips to Ask for a RaiseIn today’s work environment the fast-paced nature and overwhelming deadlines can sometimes leave us lacking when it comes to our needs. Taking a step back and looking at your situation and learning steps you can take to make your time at work better is always a plus. By reading this article and checking out the Wynbi Blog you can get so much more from your work. In this article we’ll go over some tips to help you ask for a raise and also provide some things you should probably avoid. 

Quick Tips to Ask for a Raise

Asking for a raise can be a difficult thing to do, even for people who are social butterflies and get along with everyone. But there comes a point in everyone’s career where they thought “I want a raise.” This thought then triggers lots of frightening questions such as “What if my boss gets mad?” or “How should I ask for a raise?” These are totally normal things that everyone thinks before they ask for a raise. The first thing you need to figure out is when to ask for a raise. Timing is extremely important. The best time to go in and ask for a raise is when you’re at a happy time in your life (especially your work life). If your happy at work, then chances are you’re doing a good job.

The next step is pretty obvious, but it’s still important nevertheless, which is to think about how the conversation will go. Plan out some things to say so you don’t get in front of your boss and draw a blank. Think of some specific times in your career where you really went the extra mile. Make sure to bring those up during the discussion. Use facts and logic to justify your raise. If there is any data that goes in your favor, use it. It’s okay to brag, just as long as you don’t say it in a way that makes you seem egotistical. After you list some of your accomplishments, expect some questions about them.

Now that you have somewhat of a plan of what your going to say, you need to know how to how to present the information. It’s important to be blunt, specific, and very clear in what you want. For example you could start the conversation by saying “I’d like to talk to about my salary.” Or you could ask “I’d like to talk about my salary, is now a good time?” This step is important all throughout the conversation. Be blunt. Be specific. And be clear about what you desire.

The next thing you need to know is how to present yourself. Your attitude is just as, if not more, important than what you have to say. Make sure to be confident and sound enthusiastic, but don’t come off as rude or cocky. Find the right balance. Another thing to remember is to act grateful for your current salary. If you aren’t happy with it (which you probably aren’t or you wouldn’t be asking for a raise) don’t express that emotion; it makes you look ungrateful. So express your appreciation for what you currently have with the company.

After you have asked for the raise, you may not get exactly what you asked for this time, so it’s important to expect some negotiation and compromising. When and if you negotiate, keep and open mind. Don’t get upset if you didn’t get as much as you wanted. Just be sure to talk to your boss about a timeline and some goals to meet in order to get your originally desired salary.

One of the key concepts in asking for a raise, is to realize you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is your boss will say no! If that happens, then hey, give it some time and ask again. Good luck!

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