Quick Way to Send Multiple Photos Through Emails

If you have a lot of photos you want to send to someone through emails, you may think you have to attach each and every photo, but you don’t. There is a way to send all of the photos you want to send in one folder and all you have to do is attach the folder. In this article, I will show you how to create this folder of photos and send the multiple photos through your emails to whoever you want to send them to.

The first thing you will want to do is create yourself a new folder on your desktop. The reason I always recommend the desktop is the location is easy to find when you are looking for something. So, right click on your desktop and hover your mouse over New. Then click the Folder option in the menu that opens. Name the folder Photos or something along those lines.

Next, you will need to go through your computer and find all of the photos that you want to send through email and copy and paste each one of them to the new folder you created. You can open both folders if that makes it easier on you. Then you can copy a photo from one folder and paste it in the new folder.


Quick Way to Send Multiple Photos Through EmailsOnce you have all of the photos in the new folder that you want to email, close the folder. Now right click on the folder on the desktop and place your mouse on the Send To option in the menu. In the submenu, select the Zip Folder option. Give it a second and you will see a new folder appear on your desktop. You can give this folder a name as well. Your photos are now all zipped up in that one folder.


Next, you will need to open your email and compose a new email. When you choose the attach option, go to the desktop in the folder that opens and look for the zip file you created. Select it and click the Attach or Open button on the folder that opened when you clicked the Attach option. Now continue with your email by entering an email address, subject, and message. When you are done, send the email as you normally would. The person who receives the email will simply have to open the file and unzip it to see the photos. This makes it a lot easier on you and you don’t have to constantly attach photos and send multiple emails to send all of the photos that you want to send.

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