Get the Latest Deals and Previews with Sneakers Philippines

Sneakers PhilippinesEveryone like getting deals on things we love. And getting information and deals on products by people you trust makes it even better. I recently found the social media account of Sneakerfans Rookie Camaclang and Kester Fajardo. I must say, it’s quite impressive reading about what they have done in just a short time frame with their site and connected social media accounts. For instance, just their Twitter account alone has gained over 130,000 followers in just a few days. In fact, that influx of followers arrived just after they launched on May 1, 2016.

Although the Twitter account is huge for them what really attracted my attention was the Facebook page that they use and promote. It’s not the typical page where you get a post every so often and no one comments or shares but it’s  a thriving community of people who are just like me! And just like their other social accounts, the Facebook page has well over 130,000 fans that are constantly interacting with each other and sharing ideas, thoughts, and especially new deals. If you’re ready to connect on social media and check out these accounts for yourself be sure to visit Sneakers Philippines today.

Sneakers Philippines

Get the Latest Deals and Previews with Sneakers Philippines

If you visit the Sneakers Philippines site you can see just how popular this can be and why you’ll want to be a part of it. For sneaker fans, it’s a must see site with all the features that is offered. Get the latest news, reviews, and discounts from popular brands and more. You can even get exclusive looks and more from Sneakers Philippines. And with the super-engaged community that they have following them on social accounts it’s easy to get others opinions as well. If you’re a sneaker fanatic like I am then one of the regular places you’ll want to visit is Sneakers Philippines and follow their social accounts as well.

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