Stratus Sports Club Brings Bubble Soccer to Los Angeles

bubble soccerIf you haven’t heard of the latest craze that is sweeping the nation and one that can bring companies together, build stronger team environments, and more then let me introduce you to Bubble Soccer. It’s a sport where players wear a protective bubble that is clear. The bubble makes running into things, falling down, and rolling over incredibly fun and not painful at all. The bubble acts as a protective barrier and you simply bounce off other players, the ground, or anything else for that matter. The sport may be known by other names as well including bumper ball, knockerball, bubble football, bubble sports, and more. The sport is a great way to build teamwork especially for corporate settings.

Since bubble soccer isn’t well known across the country many people simply don’t have access to the equipment and proper safety instructions when using the devices. That’s where Stratus Sports Club comes in. They have decided to launch bubble soccer in Los Angeles. So now you can get the equipment to host your event and have a blast with it. If you’re asking yourself where can I play bubble soccer in Los Angeles be sure to contact Stratus Sports Club to reserve your spot today.


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