The Old House Versus Vinyl Siding Discussion

The Old House Versus Vinyl Siding DiscussionIf historical accuracy is concerned, vinyl siding doesn’t appear to make the grade as it should. A question arises. Can siding manufactured with lots of care be made to look a lot like a traditional clipboard?

Should clapboard be repainted every five years, or should one get vinyl siding?

The time came to do some exterior renovation on 1901 Victorian, but there was a significant difference in price where a choice was the issue. For three clapboard stories to be repainted every five years or so, the price tag was hefty. The other option was to spend somewhat more money on vinyl siding, which would make worrying about exterior work something virtually non-existent for a period of a few decades. Which was the right choice to make?

Is there vinyl siding that does look like the real thing?

A contractor revealed that some manufacturers did now make siding that looked every inch like the real thing. Most would want to preserve a house in the original way that it was built. But if a person has a budget to consider, as a genuine old house lover does know, the older that a home may be, the faster a budget can be open to being overwhelmed. Before any leap can be made into a decision, some research had to be conducted first.

There are two sides to every vinyl siding debate.

The research that was found out was astonishing. Many preservation historical societies don’t like vinyl siding at all. Some homeowners have decided to file lawsuits to get their governing commissions to get an exception and use vinyl siding. The decisive argument homeowners make for vinyl siding is as follows. Vinyl siding is a lot cheaper in price and requires less maintenance than other traditional materials. It also comes in handy when much more restoration work needs to be done on the house. Historic commissions do have their valid argument. Vinyl siding can make a home look like it doesn’t fit in right. It can make property values of other homes on the block go down in the same historic district.

Old Home Siding

What is one of the biggest of all problems hiding behind the vinyl siding debate?

What seems to be hiding behind the vinyl siding debate is also hiding behind the siding itself. Historic houses are known for containing condensation issues. A lot of historic homes were built before air conditioning made its appearance. Life back in the golden days consisted of just opening a window and using a fan to stay cool. Many historic homes are closed up with modern advances, and the water vapor that is created doesn’t have any real place to go.

The advantages and disadvantages of clapboard and vinyl siding

Clapboard has a clear advantage over vinyl siding. One of its benefits is that it clearly can indicate problems with moisture early on. Affected clapboard from mold or mildew with damp spots on it, signs of rot, or discoloration can be easy maintenance, repaired, or the clapboard replaced. One disadvantage to clapboard is that it is has a high susceptibility rate to animals and insects. It can also require more maintenance. For instance, if the wood is painted, it will require painting from time to time. Vinyl siding has an impermeable quality about it. What this translates to is clear. Water can’t get through it. However, water can collect behind the siding and run down, leading to rot which can’t be seen. Issues of this kind can be avoided with vinyl siding if moisture problems are fixed in advance of installation. Vinyl siding is low in cost and offers ease of installation. It has low maintenance as well.

No matter what decision is made

In the end, clapboard can work, especially if you get moisture problems after three years in. These moisture problems are something that can be readily corrected within a week after being spotted immediately. The very same can be said about vinyl siding. A house can continue to look as good, like the same day the vinyl siding was first installed. No problems with moisture were even reported. In twenty years or more, down the line, the wiser choice is sure to be learned.

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