Things You Will Need to Pack for a Hiking Trip

There are certain things you will need to pack when going on a hiking trip. In this guide, I will discuss the things that you need to pack and why you need to pack them. I have been on a few hiking trips and there are certain things that you need with you. You never know what might happen and it is better to be prepared, but at the same time, you don’t won’t to pack too much because it will just weigh you down. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you will definitely need to pack in your hiking backpack.


Sunblock is very important when hiking. Since you will be in the sun for a while, you need the sunblock to protect you from the rays of the sun. There is nothing worse than going hiking and getting sunburned, especially if you are camping overnight and hiking back the next day. That will be an extremely miserable hike.

Bug Spray

Things You Will Need to Pack for a Hiking TripYou also need to pack bug spray if you are going hiking in the words during summer. The mosquitos and flies will tear you up in the woods. You can carry bug spray with you and also the new bracelets that you can wear to keep the bugs away. I think they are around a dollar for one bracelet.


Carry as much water as you can stand to carry. Water is a must and if something was to happen and you get stranded on your hiking adventure, you will need plenty of water and there may not be any source of water where you are going. So, pack as much water as you can stand to carry.

Compass & Map

A compass is also another must. If you were to get lost, your compass and your map would help you find your way back. So, be sure to pack these two as well.


If something happens and it gets dark on you, a flashlight is a good thing to have. You never know when something might happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


You will also need to pack food. How much food will depend on how long you plan on going hiking for. Pack more than enough food just in case something happens.


Every hiker needs a knife because it can be used for so many things. So, pack a knife to carry along with you.

Lighter or Matches

Last but not least is the lighter or matches. Something that will start a fire. If you are stranded and have to stay overnight, you might have to start a fire, or if you planning to camp overnight, you will probably need to start a fire.

Those are the basics you will need when going hiking. There may be more things you will need to pack, it just all depends on where you are going hiking, how long you will be hiking and who is going with you. But before you take off into your hiking adventure make sure you have some first aid supplies. A great way to pack these first aid supplies when hiking is by purchasing a first aid kit to take with you like the one pictured below. For more information on first aid kits click here.

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