Tips for Remodeling Your Mobile Home

Tips for Remodeling Your Mobile HomeLiving in a mobile home can make almost any home improvement project more difficult. Most mobile homes are built in such a way that makes home remodel projects more difficult. There are some ways to save time and money however which I will go over in this article. It’s especially useful when doing mobile home kitchen remodel or a mobile home bathroom remodel project. In either case, you’ll need to prepare for the home improvement project accordingly.

Tips for Remodeling Your Mobile Home

Although mobile homes today are built much like stick built houses the method of putting them together is much different. Typically, they are built first as the floor walls, and cielings and then walls are added. Of course this is different for each manufacturer but it can really put stress on a home remodel project if you live in a mobile home. There are a few things that can help if you live in a mobile home which can make the project go better which I’ll go over below.

Don’t Count on 4 Inch Thick Walls

Although your mobile home may have 4 inch thick walls on the exterior and even on some interior walls don’t count on all of them to be 4 inches thick. One common thing that many mobile home manufacturers will do is put thinner walls between rooms if the wall is not end capped. So there is no easy way to tell how thick it is until you start demo or adding items to the home.

Use Correct Sized Items in the Home Remodel

Mobile homes are built to make the most use of a space as possible. Many times in kitchens and bathrooms things are arranged in such a way as to make the most use of this space as possible. If you are remodeling these rooms be sure to use correctly sized fixtures and cabinets or you may have problems with getting around in these rooms.

Don’t Buy Stick Built Parts for Your Home

Since stick built homes have a standard 7 foot ceiling and many mobile homes do not be weary of buying items such as doors for your mobile home from home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Make sure to measure any part you need before shopping at these stores for best results.

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