Should You Consider a Transvaginal Mesh?

For many women the thought of getting a transvaginal mesh implant may be considered something that they will need to look into later in life. However, the age of many women who get this procedure done is much younger than many might expect. The transvaginal mesh is implanted in order to keep organs in place and to give the patient a much better quality of life. Although the product was first introduced back in 1996 it is still being used today. Of course some of the earlier models had some problems. Some websites state that almost ten percent were defective of the first implants that were approved by the FDA. There are currently many lawsuits that are targeting the manufacturers. If you have a transvaginal mesh implant and experiencing pain or discomfort be sure to let your doctor know.

transvaginal mesh

Even with the many problems that have plagued the transvaginal mesh over the past few decades it can still help many women live a much better life. To find out more about this life changing product and more details on how it can help you then be sure to check out this transvaginal mesh site which has lots of details on this procedure.

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