Want to Shop in the USA without Living There? Try ShipNow Inc

ShipNow IncThe internet has brought shopping to an entirely new level. Today you can go online and find just about anything you want. And the best part of shopping online like this is that it’s much cheaper than traditional stores. The problem comes in when the place you want to order from is not in your country. Many online retailers today are located in the USA and if you don’t live in the United States then you’ll be faced with outrageous shipping charges to your country. And that’s if they even ship to your country. Many online retailers won’t ship to places outside the US so you may not even be able to buy from them to begin with. There is a solution however. It’s the ShipNow Inc site that allows you to shop just like you were located in the US. That’s because they give you a legitimate USA address that you can have your product shipped to. Then ShipNow.us will send the package to you. They also allow you to consolidate packages to save money on shipping to your country. If you live outside the US and want the same great shopping experience then be sure to check out www.ShipNow.us

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