Find the Perfect Wedding Reception Lighting

wedding lightsDon’t make the mistake of using the mistake of using the wrong wedding reception lighting. There are many different lighting solutions that you can use for your wedding reception but many of them are seriously bad choices. In this article I’ll go over what you need to avoid in order to have an amazing wedding reception.

Don’t Use Blue Lights in Your Wedding Reception Lighting

One of the most often used lighting in wedding receptions is blue lighting. However, it’s also one of the worst lighting fixtures that you can use. Blue lights are more commonly associated with office buildings and not very romantic. Using a more amber light to make the scene much more romantic. One way to do that is by using low watt incandescent bulbs rather than fluorescent bulbs.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding a great choice is to use string lights that have individual bulbs almost like Christmas lights. Line walkways and edges with these lights and also put some to light up the dance floor. Getting the best wedding reception possible is about getting the lighting for the reception right.

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