From Me to Wu: WuMeLive Gift Delivery

From Me to Wu: WuMeLive Gift DeliveryIt’s that time of year again: your mother’s birthday. You have her present all picked out and it’s perfect. But work has been crazy busy lately and it’s too expensive to buy a plane ticket home to be there on her special day. You have no choice other than mailing it, but it feels so impersonal. Not only do you want to see her reaction when she opens her gift, but you want to deliver it in person to make it more sincere. But how could you possibly deliver her present in person? 

WuMeLive is a innovative service that will hand deliver your gift to a loved one and play your recorded personalized message as an introduction to accompany your lovely gift.

One of the best features of WuMeLive is the fun factor of capturing that happy moment upon delivery.  When your loved one gets your gift you can get a video of the exact moment and the reaction that ensues. You’ll be able to capture the happiness and joy of the recipient. Plus, sharing the experience on social media such as Facebook or Instagram is easy.

On, you can sign up for your free account. WuMeLive delivers any products except food. So the more creative the better. There are no limits to what we will deliver, our success is driven by your creativity. This includes exotic gifts such as pets or vehicles as well as the more traditional WU gifts that captivate your recipients upon delivery. You can shop at all major retail stores, such as Macy’s or other shops in the Dallas area like edible arrangements, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors and many more. WuMeLive will deliver any unique gift you choose, other than food. You can also use the WuMe Pick-Up service, where a representsative will personally pick up the gift from you, prepare it for delivery, and bring it to your loved one with a personalized message. This new method of gift delivery is sure to bring waves of happiness and love to the recipient’s door, thanks to the excitement of WuMeLive.

WuMeLive also allows our dedicated military personnel who are separated from their families to send and personalize heart warming gifts to friends in family. Seeing their joy and happiness upon delivery along with sharing the excitement with friends and family on social media defines the WuMeLive Experience. The gift delivery service has an option for a live video delivery experience where the WuMe representative delivering your present will record your loved one’s reaction. WuMeLive will send a private link via social media or email to watch the delivery and see the happiness and love your gift provided.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show a loved one how much you care, WuMeLive offers the ideal gift delivery service that lets you add a personal touch to any thoughtful gift you give. It’s new, exciting, and easy to use. Just Click… Capture… and Deliver!


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